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House Edge Digital Casino Social Media

House Edge wanted to share a few of the newest Facebook social features that are perfect for savvy casino operators to increase profits.   Take a look at just some of these ideas:: Casino Player Targeting Imagine – your players see messages/graphics/videos directed exclusively to them when they check their Facebook newsfeed.  These aren’t generic messages directed […]


Now the title of the post is more than a bit misleading.  I know very few people that want to lose their Casino Facebook page.  The only exclusion to this is if your property is re-branding or closing down (god forbid.)  We recently ran into a situation where a former client of ours blatantly violated […]

House Edge uses Facebook Custom Audiences

How to Target Facebook Ads Based on Email Address & Phone Number (Custom Audience)   Are you tired of a .03% click-through-rate on your Facebook ads?  Then let’s just cut to the chase. Let’s integrate your Facebook ads with your existing player list. Let’s target your ad to a group of players who have engaged […]


If a client asked me one thing to remember about social media it would be the above. All too often casinos think that Facebook or Twitter is another great place to put their print ads. It’s a big mistake and one that we continue to see all too often. Then what is social media? It’s […]

As much as we like to think the casino industry is out in front of technology, it’s not always the truth. It took even the largest casinos years to embrace social media. Social media can be a great way to build your guests’ loyalty and add to your bottom line. (We’ll get into that in […]

1. It takes too much time. All House Edge Digital team members have worked as employees at casino properties. We understand that when you bring up a new idea or concept your CEO says, “Great idea…implement it.” You’re already working 60 hours a week just to keep up with your current work load. One of […]

Casino Facebook Fans are more valuble

How important are your Facebook Fans?  It’s a question we get asked often.  Many of our clients are investing valuable resources in  growing their social media presence. Finally, here is some data to back up the value of social media.  Two large data science organizations spent over 4 years collecting data for a large grocery […]