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When Cisco Gave me bad Service

Cisco is a huge company.  They have a market cap today of somewhere just north of 140 billion dollars.  They’ve pushed forward some new technologies and created some really good products over the years. Now let’s talk about my experience today.  I had a good client ask me to find out some information about a […]

We’ve told you for months, no – make that years, that having your site optimized for mobile was important.  Each month more and more of your website traffic is coming from mobile devices.  Just because you can pinch and zoom to see what’s on your page does not mean your site is set up for […]

Memorial Day Madness sa

I didn’t expect to be writing about missed opportunities so often.  However, they keep showing up in my Mailbox.  Let’s take a look at this one and see how it relates to similar problems in Casino Marketing.   This isn’t all that rare.  It’s a car dealership pushing out a memorial day sale/promotion.  Most of us […]

Sport Clips Fail

It sounds a little harsh to call this a marketing fail.  However, in today’s market you can’t afford not to market in the smartest way possible.  So from time to time (far too often in my opinion) I’ll come across companies that could have done things differently to save money and earn more customers. This […]