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House Edge wanted to share a few of the newest Facebook social features that are perfect for savvy casino operators to increase profits.   Take a look at just some of these ideas:: Casino Player Targeting Imagine – your players see messages/graphics/videos directed exclusively to them when they check their Facebook newsfeed.  These aren’t generic messages directed […]


Many business owners had heard the term “SEO.”  Many others know that it is is important to help their website get found among the millions of other sites. What may be difficult is to wrap your head around the average pricing for such services.  Years ago you could trick or “game” google with little gimmicks. […]


We just returned from the 2016 Casino Marketing and Technology conference. One of the hottest topics the last few years has been mobile apps.  It seems as though everyone wants an app for their property.  Here are just a few statistics to think about before investing up to $50,000. All of this data was collected […]


Now the title of the post is more than a bit misleading.  I know very few people that want to lose their Casino Facebook page.  The only exclusion to this is if your property is re-branding or closing down (god forbid.)  We recently ran into a situation where a former client of ours blatantly violated […]


Most of us like to get things that are tailored for us.  I visit a tailor, you might have custom shoes made – it doesn’t have to be that extravagant to be effective.  There are a few ways you can collect information on your players. You could be using a player portal on your website […]

House Edge uses Facebook Custom Audiences

How to Target Facebook Ads Based on Email Address & Phone Number (Custom Audience)   Are you tired of a .03% click-through-rate on your Facebook ads?  Then let’s just cut to the chase. Let’s integrate your Facebook ads with your existing player list. Let’s target your ad to a group of players who have engaged […]

New Overtime Regulations go Into Effect in 2016  – Download the entire FLSA Document here. The Fair Labor Standards Act (i.e. FLSA) has guaranteed workers a minimum wage and overtime pay at a rate not less than one and one-half times the employee’s regular rate for hours worked over 40 in a workweek.  The concept […]

E-commerce is short for “electronic commerce” – a form of sales transaction that takes place entirely through electronic means, and mainly over the internet. When Ecommerce began just the ability to buy and sell online was so revolutionary that few bells and whistles beyond this were needed to drive sales. But today, there are few […]


Why You Should Have a Mobile Version of Your  Website | August 5, 2012 | in Internet Marketing, Marketing, Mobile, Tucson | by James Christensen It all comes down to numbers. There are 327 million mobile phone users in the U.S. (CTIA) and 90% have handsets that can access the Internet (comScore, Gartner). Your customers […]


If a client asked me one thing to remember about social media it would be the above. All too often casinos think that Facebook or Twitter is another great place to put their print ads. It’s a big mistake and one that we continue to see all too often. Then what is social media? It’s […]