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Who we are, what we do.

The House Edge story isn’t one of a new invention on the back of a napkin. We weren’t college roommates or childhood friends that started an agency together.

We spent 25+ combined years working for casinos and entertainment properties. When casino management changed or switched focus, there was the need for a new set of support staff. As vendors would come to our properties and pitch services the same deficiencies became clear.

Most agencies do not understand casino marketing. Marketing yogurt or a car dealership doesn’t prepare you for our industry. Casinos are made up of unique elements… We were exhausted from explaining things like theo, coin in and why free-play was not actually free.

Occasionally we would find an agency that did have a background in gaming. Yet, they rarely embraced the power of digital tools.

In 2011 we launched House Edge Digital (under a previous name). Our sole purpose is to leverage technology to earn your casino more profit.

House Edge is a certified Google Marketing Partner, and an official Facebook Application developer.

We are casino marketers. We are technology experts.


James Christensen

James Christensen

Director of Digital Marketing

Russell King

Russell King

Director of User Experience

JJ Wendt

JJ Wendt

Director of Dev Ops



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