Designed by former casino teammembers

Pester – The Content Collector

You have a monthly mailer that needs dining information from F&B, room rates from the hotel, the entertainment schedule from marketing. You need specific details from five different departments on pricing, dates etc. Pester is a solution that collects monthly marketing content from various departments so you don’t have to waste your time.

How does it work?

  1. Pester reminds each department when content is due and keeps ‘pestering’ them until it is received.
  2. Departments upload content by filling out a web form, attaching photos, etc.
  3. Copywriters can view content and write copy.
  4. Department heads can approve content
  5. Designers are notified when content is ready for use
  6. Reporting to see who submits content on-time and who does not.


Save time by not chasing departments around for marketing content.

Customize Pester for each department you have

All departments have a central area available at any time (online) to see what’s going on with:

  • Gaming promotions
  • F&B Highlights
  • Concerts & Entertainment Schedule
  • Hotel packages
  • Amenity specials  


Design Work Request System

Doris is a virtual admin assistant that works 24/7 assigning and tracking jobs. She keeps every member of your staff updated on their individual tasks and progress so you don’t have to!

How does it work?

  • Departments submit a work order using a web form capable complete with attachment of assets
  • Supervisor can assign jobs to multiple designers
  • Designers and submitter are notified of new request with a unique job identifier.
  • Design team logs into work request system and see what is due and when.
  • Job detail page shows submitter, due date, job details, comments
  • Designers can collaborate by tagging each other in comments for specific jobs
  • Designers log the time spent on each job



  • Overview page automatically prioritizes jobs based on due date and date submitted
  • Each designer has an active assigned job page outlining, due dates, details, assets etc.
  • Eliminates paper work orders, decreases emails, verbal requests and walk up distractions
  • Requires submitter to provide details and reasonable deadlines
  • Reporting section also outlines which departments are submitting requests, timeliness, details, time tracking etc.
  • Live Feed section shows recently submitted and completed requests, and an image wall of every job submitted.
  • Calendar view shows due dates on a calendar


Winner Notification System aka Winston

Use Winston any time you need to get information online in a hurry. It’s the easiest way to push out digital messages. Winston can take a jackpot winner’s name/details and display them across your digital signage system, website and social media platforms in one easy step.

How does it work?

  1. A winner is verified.
  2. A designated employee enters the winner’s information through an easy to manage digital form online.
  3. Winston takes that information and broadcasts it throughout your internal displays.
  4. The information is also simulcast onto your website.
  5. Lastly, the Winston Social Media application posts to your platforms with the same details.


  • Eliminate dry eraser boards, printed posters and noisy P.A. systems announcing winners.
  • Draw attention to digital floor signage advertisements
  • Integrates with 4winds content manager
  • Mobile friendly


Marketing Inventory System

Marketing departments are expected to keep an inventory of prizes for guests and promotional items for community outreach. It’s a challenge to maintain a real time inventory items on hand. As different people order merchandise, boxes get misplaced, items go missing and chaos ensues. Our system fixes these issues in an easy to use, elegant manner.

How does it work?

  • When marketing orders an item they input all relevant details into the system.
  • Project leads are notified via email that the item has been ordered so they know when to expect the delivery.
  • Purchasing checks in the item when it arrives verifying quantity and condition.
  • Coordinators can check inventory to see what items are available for their promotion.
  • Management is notified when quantities are running low and re-ordering is necessary.
  • QR Codes can be utilized on direct mail offers and the database will keep track of redemptions per gift type etc.
  • System is fully customizable for property size and specific scenario.


  • Track Inventory and Redemptions
  • Eliminate physically checking inventory
  • Take advantage of volume discounting and last minute deals on items.
  • Mobile friendly interface.
  • Detailed Inventory across multiple properties and locations.
  • Enhance cross-department communication.