One to One Marketing

What is it?


With our A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) powered services, you have a variety of methods to communicate directly with your guests on a one to one basis.  By utilizing personalized interactions your casino fosters greater customer loyalty and a better return on your marketing investment.


One messaging system that deploys simultaneously to your players’ choice of SMS, MMS, Email, Facebook Messenger, and more!

  • Players choose THEIR preferred communication channel – increasing engagement.
  • Compose all your messages from one simple interface.
  • Segment players by any known gaming metric. (e.g. ADT, AMT, Trips)
  • Additional filtering of your database via lifestyle interests (e.g. Favorite band, game, hobby, etc.)
  • Multiple merge fields allow for easy personalization.
  • Integrates seamlessly with analytic platforms enabling you to correlate brand interaction with gaming revenue.
  • 31% of Americans 50+ are still using feature phones with no ‘APP’ capability.  Reach those players through SMS.



The easiest and fastest way for your guests to get answers to their most commonly asked questions.(e.g. Point Balances, Valid Offers, etc.)

  • Requiring physical access to a mobile device our specialized Chatbot provides the highest security possible for your sensitive player data.
  • Players can instantly access their club information at any time without needing to download an app, log into a website or call the players club.
  • Providing information automatically saves you money on club staffing.
  • Using our A.I. powered system, your custom chatbot is constantly learning to communicate more effectively with your players.
  • 49% of customers would rather contact a business through messaging than a phone call. [Ubisend]
  • “By 2020, customers will manage 85% of their relationship with an enterprise without interacting with a human.” [Gartner predicts]


The A.I. engine produces a unique and personalized experience for every visitor to your website.  The layout, content, and message are all designed instantly based on the behavioral patterns of that individual player.  On the back end, the progressive marketer has access to robust reporting features enabling them to target valuable prospects easily. The cumulative effect is nothing short of revolutionary!  Similar to the technology used by Ebay, Netflix, and others, each visitor sees a slightly different website.

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