Email Marketing for Casinos

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In 2014 email still maintains its position as the most profitable means of communicating with your players.


In 2013 – House Edge designed, deployed and analyzed the results of over 2.5 million casino marketing emails. Every campaign we’re involved in is tested rigorously for optimum effectiveness.


Now, with the introduction of Artificial Intelligence, we can customize each email individually to match the interests of the recipient.


No – not just variable data printing.  We’ve used VDP since it emerged several years ago.  We’re talking about full content personalization, unlike anything you’ve seen.  Using A.I. powered technology, emails are designed automatically for the specific recipient with custom copy, content, graphics, offers etc.

We split test your emails with different templates and designs to increase engagement rates.

Personalized emails deliver 6x higher transaction rates. [Experion]

88% of smartphone users actively check email on their phones.  That makes email more popular than any other app for both Iphones and Android devices.

After deployment, we deliver a full report outlining recipient behavior with actionable items you can utilize immediately. It is the future of email marketing.